On the importance of perspective

/ 4 min read

Lately I had a realization about how important perspective is. There are two main ways to view a situation. In the first one, let’s call it Perspective 1, we can think about something that seems wrong that someone else does like “This is wrong, it shouldn’t be like this”, or “This guy is an idiot. How can he do something like that?“. When we do that we tend to affect our mood negatively and our wish to improve things fades away also. The other way we could see the situation, let’s call it Perspective 2, would be something like “What can I do, that is within my power in order to improve this situation, even if it’s just a tiny change for the better”. Many times our instinct nudges us towards Perspective 1 and this can lead to conflics or in the very least no improvement for the better and an increase in resentment. On the other hand if we go for Perspective 2, we can actually improve things and a number of gradual improvements like this can lead to a better overall situation.

Building a simple PHP dockerized environment

/ 5 min read

Unlike other ecosystems like .NET or Java in which containerizing an application for local development might seem more like a burden than a feature when it comes to PHP this is a necessity as well as a welcome bonus of mirroring the production environment very closely.

How to install .NET Core SDK with ASP.NET on Manjaro Linux

/ 2 min read

I recently switched from Fedora to Manjaro as my main Linux distribution and since I use .NET core from time to time I wanted to install it. It turns out that since at the time of this writing, it’s not officially supported, as it was the case with Fedora, there was a bit more trial and error involved in the process.